Gap Year in Australia

Gap Year in Australia

A taste of the Aussie lifestyle that a normal tourist could only ever dream of

Program overview

Are you a fan of white sandy beaches, stunning weather, an outdoor barbecue with mates or anything sports related? If you said yes to one or more of the above (and who wouldn’t?), a gap year in the land down under may be calling your name!

Our Australian gap year program gives you a taste of the Aussie lifestyle that a normal tourist could only ever dream of. You’ll work as an assistant at a leading Australian school, and be immersed in every aspect of typical Australian life.

A huge range of school placements are on offer throughout the country, from the stunning tropical coastline of Northern Queensland, to the rugged and impenetrable forests of Tasmania.

During the school holiday periods, you’re free to explore every corner of this wide brown land. From the parched landscapes of the red centre, where you can gaze awestruck at Uluru and learn about its importance to the Aboriginals, to the picture perfect coastal towns of Port Douglas and Cairns, where the combination of the rainforest, beach and Great Barrier Reef will make you feel as though you’ve stumbled right into a postcard. When you’ve had just about enough of all of the disturbingly beautiful nature, you can treat yourself to the cosmopolitan delights of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane.

Our Australian gap year programs include meals, accommodation, a weekly allowance, visa assistance, a comprehensive in-country orientation, as well as ongoing support from our committed team.

As many come to realize that there is huge value to be gained from a break between high school and university. It can offer new challenges, opportunities to travel and see the world, experiencing first hand new cultures and give one an added maturity that is both immediate and an enduring benefit.

The Job:

It is important to have an understanding of what the job entails. There are many schools and there are many factors depending on age range, the strengths, the staffing and the needs of the school. The placement is determined by the strengths and interests of the participant. The following are areas of re-sponsibility in which participants are likely to be involved in:

  • Sports coaching - Helping run a team
  • Games supervision (general)
  • Activities supervision - day and evening
  • Outdoor education activities - Camps etc
  • Swimming pool supervision - A life saving certificate will be required
  • Assistance with classroom, meal, transport and general supervision
  • Individual tutoring- Boarding House supervision
  • Attending school functions - Assisting as necessary
  • Assisting the ground staff - Males only
  • Filing, photocopying and general office tasks
  • Computer literacy tasks - Inside and outside the classroom
  • Involvement in music & drama
In order to qualify

As the saying goes: "Life is 5% what happens to you, and 95% how you react to it."

  • Be between the age of 17 and 25 at the time of your arrival into Australia
  • Be a British, Canadian, European, New Zealand, or South African passport holder
  • Have no pre-existing medical conditions and required to have a medical as part of the visa
  • Have no criminal record - evidence through a police clearance certificate will be required
  • Have completed a minimum of secondary schooling prior to arrival into Australia
  • Be fit and health and willing to work hard and open to new ideas and cultures
  • Must be available for a 12-month commitment, commencing January and concluding December
What are the costs?

Enrollment   R3 000

Program fee   R29 000

Australia Work Visa   $298

Travel insurance   R5 100

Return flight   R14 000

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