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To live and work in the Australian outback like an Aussie is an iconic adventure!

Program overview

Have you ever dreamt about spending a year working on an actual working farm in Australia, well here is your opportunity. To live and work in the Australian outback like an Aussie is an iconic adventure. An opportunity to explore awesome landscapes, work incredibly hard, spending time outdoors on a working farm with like minded people, be well compensated and come away from your experience with memories and friends which will last a lifetime!

Our partner organization has been helping adventurous travellers to experience what life is really like in rural Australian and the outback. All applicants must successfully complete orientation/training and afterwards make their way to your respective employer which could be a small family farm setup to one as large as a million football fields!

The program will include step by step assistance throughout the whole process from completing the necessary paperwork, interview guidance, assistance with visa application as well as assistance with flights, travel insurance, as well as an opportunity to meet other adventurous travellers at orientation.

Jobs are paid and work is guaranteed for all who successfully complete the training course.

The Jobs available:

  • Working with horses and stock on cattle and sheep stations
  • Working with motorbikes and stock on cattle or sheep stations
  • General farm work of all sorts
  • Driving tractors, combines, headers, graders and farm machinery
  • Teaching children Distance Education with outside work
  • Working with harvesting contractors, module building, boll buggy driving
  • Working with fencing or spraying contractors
  • Trail riding centers, horse riding and teaching, sometimes not well paid
  • Host farms, horse work and general duties
  • Racing stables and polo yards, stud farms, general duties
  • Riding school, general duties
  • Event and show jumping stables, dressage and general duties

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The Training Course

During the course of the week you will be taught many aspects of farm life and the skills which will be required as well as finding out what will be expected of you once you start working

Horse riding

Learn to work with horses the Aussie way! You will be taught how to handle horses on the ground, tack them up and stock ride in rural terrain.


Using a horse or motorbike you will learn how to muster cattle into the yards for processing.


You will learn to maintain and use one safely. You will get a chance to practice cutting logs, small trees, and shaping fence posts to be used later on in the week.

Tractor driving

You will be taught general safety, how to drive and maintain them as well as learning how to operate forks, buckets, and possibly even slashers and post hole diggers.


Here you will really graft being taught general fencing tasks using wire, wood and steel pickets. You will learn Australian techniques such as “Cobb & Co”, “Queensland Hitch” as well as a “monkey”, wood and pliers. The day will be spent debarking posts, digging holes and generally getting dirty!


You will be taught how to operate an Ag motorbike in difficult terrain, whilst learning the basics of repairing it, safety aspect to check for and prepare for should you be going to a large acreage farm.

Yard work

You will learn how to safely and efficiently work with cattle in the yard. Trainers will demonstrate the processes of branding, castrating and ear tagging in real a environment.

Practical skills

Learning practical skills is important however teaching you the correct vocabulary for each activity is key to operate safely. The aim is to prepare you and give you as many tools to ensure your ability to work well and safely once you arrive at your host farm.

Photos from our friends abroad Australia
In order to qualify

As the saying goes: "Life is 5% what happens to you, and 95% how you react to it."

  • Have at least 8-12 months agricultural working experience this can include time spent on your universities experimental farm
  • A recent relevant degree or be at least half way through a degree course and have to undertake practical work experience. This includes veterinarians and young persons who have attended agricultural high school and lived and worked on farms all their lives
  • Is a professional horse rider, race track rider, eventer, and dressage rider or show jumper
  • Is, but not limited to, a professional shearer, combine driver, agronomist, dog trainer or vet nurse
  • Is a diesel or agricultural mechanic or have studied engineering for rural enterprise
  • Skills or experience in the grape, olive or fish farming industries or in agricultural tourism
  • All the above must be supported by written references, certificates and licenses
  • Available to those who are very good horse riders, agricultural mechanics, diesel engineers, career agriculturalists, veterinarians or experience in other branches of agriculture such as aquaculture
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Be between the ages of 20-30
  • Be available for 12 months
What are the costs?

Enrollment   R3 000

Program deposit fee   R15 000

Program fee   R40 458

(Paid after visa has been approved)

Australian Visa Fee   Approx. R4 476

Medical   R850

Chest x-ray   R800

Travel insurance   R8 760

Bond   Approx. R12 000

(To be refunded in your final week if you have behaved)

Return flight   R13 000

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