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Many young South Africans are looking to travel and work abroad so as to gain international experience and our goal at Epic Exchange is to facilitate that need. We offer meaningful well paid Hospitality and Agricultural internships to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Austria and Denmark. We also offer Gap Year and Teaching English programs to New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Spain. Epic Exchange works with you to find the best suited internship program. Our staff have over ten years experience in matching applicants, so you can have an epic experience and enliven the sense of adventure within you!

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Work and travel in these countries


Work and travel Australia

Hospitality Training or Agricultural jobs in Australia

Explore Australia’s multicultural cities, vibrant arts scenes, sundrenched beaches and the rugged outback imbued with Aboriginal culture and heritage and with a rich indigenous history and relaxed way of life, Australia has one of the most unique cultural environments.

Hospitality Agriculture

New Zealand

Work and travel New Zealand

Work in New Zealand

Work alongside Kiwi's and get a chance to watch the Springboks play the All Blacks and show them who is boss! Experience their stunning landscapes whilst having the option to get your heart rate pumping by bungy diving, caving, canyoning, river surfing just some of the long list of adrenalin activities one can experience.

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Internship/Au Pair

Work and travel USA

Intern or Au Pair in the USA

Many of us have watched American shows and thought wouldn't it be epic to experience that first hand well our USA programmes gives you an opportunity of making that dream to life. Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Manhattan’s unforgettable skyline, your first ride in a yellow cab, the ubiquitous hamburger joints, and vast expanses of prairie, the sweet strains of New Orleans jazz or the neon-lit excesses of Las Vegas.

Intern Au Pair

United Kingdom
Gap Year

Work and travel United Kingdom

Travel and work in the United Kingdom

The Gap Year UK program offers applicants the opportunity to work for 12 months in the UK Once a ruler of half of the world, and steeped in history and culture, the United Kingdom is a must-see for any keen traveller. But why just see it? Why not live it? With our gap year UK program, you have the chance to experience the real Britain!

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Work and travel Austria

Travel and work in Austria

Working in the Viticulture field in Austria, we ensure that you will fall in love with the countries scenery, their way of life and most of all the people you meet along the way. From the scenic views to the unique culture, you will be mesmerised.

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Work and travel Denmark

Travel and work in Denmark

Denmark is world famous when it comes to agriculture. They are known for being very efficient and knowledge based in the agricultural sector. This makes it a perfect opportunity for interns to gain invaluable world class experience and knowledge.

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Teach English

Work and travel Spain

Travel and work in Spain

Spain is well known to have a vast variety of sights to see, stretching from the country of stone castles, snowcapped mountains, monuments, and sophisticated cities. The Spaniards know it is very important to have a good work and life balance. They have an expression “Mañana Mañana” literally means “tomorrow tomorrow” stating that everything will work out perfectly and there is no need to worry.

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